Run Gatwick Half Marathon Sussex

Ambra Recruitment Running Team

We caught up with Mike and Kangne from the Ambra Recruitment running team who are now a few weeks into their respective training programs. They told us a little more about why they were inspired to take part, how they’re incorporating the runs into their busy schedules, what’s keeping them motivated and some of the challenges they’ve faced so far.


I’m Mike, aged 34, a Specialist Marketing Consultant at Ambra and am taking part in The British Airways Run Gatwick Half Marathon Sussex. This is my first time running a half marathon and I wanted to take this opportunity to test myself both physically and mentally. I’ve found as you get older it is vital to keep active (especially if you have a desk job) and running is great both for the mind and also for burning off some of that unwanted body weight. I like the isolation that running gives me, time to empty the mind and just put in my headphones and zone out.

With regards to my training, due to a previous knee injury I like to divide my running between the treadmill and the road. I find that the hardest part of running is actually getting the motivation to start, especially if you work in a pressurised job. The easiest option at the end of the day is just to go home and chill out. It definitely helps having your work colleagues training too, people to run with, as well as a bit of friendly competition.

Challenges that I’ve faced over the last couple of weeks have included a minor set back with a rib injury, which has prevented me from running this week. I am definitely keen to get back to ramping up the training next week. I’ve also found it tricky finding a comfortable running pace for the longer distance – not heading off too quickly, or lagging behind my target pace.


I’m Kangne, Marketing Assistant here at Ambra recruitment. Responsible for executing campaigns and managing our brand’s online presence. Outside of work, as an active hiker, you can typically find me in national parks trying to satisfy my travel bug and need for fresh air.

When my team first started talking about The British Airways 5k race Sussex, I thought there were a hundred reasons why I shouldn’t do it. However the idea of supporting a great cause and committing towards to crossing the finishing line was extremely appealing. I’ve built my own workout routine, working between core stretching, treadmill and outside running every other morning and weekend.

Despite the struggle of sticking to a regime, my work colleagues are always trying to motivate myself to go for a run after work. That’s one of the benefits of being part of a running team, we’re all able to motivate each other. I’ve been setting myself a goal of going at least 3 times a week and working around my gym routine every Friday and Saturday.

As a first time runner, adapting to the training regime has been tough. The hardest part is definitely conditioning your running pace and pushing your muscles even when the burning sensation tells you to stop. That said, sometimes, you just have to give in and go for a burger!

My friends are long distance runners and we all live in Crawley, so we always give the beautiful countryside round the actual Run Gatwick route a fair go, with some heavy techno for motivation along the way. The best part of running is taking in the scenery. I find it’s the best way to clear your mind, with the pure focus of getting to your destination and finding out whether or not you beat your last recorded time!

Good luck to Kangne and Mike, as well as the rest of the Ambra Recruitment running team.

As well as taking part in our Corporate Team Competition, Ambra Recruitment will be hosting the VIP Area at this year’s event.