Run Gatwick Nutritional Running Tips

Nutritional Running Tips

Our friends at Saferace give us an insight into how you can manage your nutritional needs when training for The British Airways Run Gatwick Half Marathon or 5k race – providing nutritional running tips for your race training.

We hope that everyone is looking forward to a fantastic Run Gatwick and we will have a big team on hand to help ensure your run is safe and successful.

An important consideration is what you eat and drink to fuel yourself before, during and after the race.


As part of your training for Run Gatwick, be sure to stay hydrated during your longer training runs. This is also a good chance to try energy gels or other sources of simple carbs to give you an easy boost. In the run up to race day, we suggest that you drink a bit more than normal to make sure that you give your body the best prep possible.

On the big day, we would recommend staying well hydrated before you start. Once you get going, a good strategy is to listen to your body: if you feel thirsty then make use of the drinks stations. You should have some form of isotonic drink (such as Lucozade Sport) as well as water to replace the salt that you lose when you sweat. If it is a hot day, this is especially important – water alone won’t do the trick to refuel your body. We would suggest taking and using the drinks, gels or other boosts that you have been training with.

Preparing for Race Day

Many runners will develop a carb-loading strategy in the run-up to the event; either way eat well the night before and on the morning of the race. Porridge is a common pre-race breakfast to get you race-ready.


At the finish line, enjoy the goodies on offer to celebrate a successful Run Gatwick! We’d recommend that you drink a complete bottle of water, isotonic drink or other liquid within 30 minutes of finishing to help combat any ill effects. It’s also really important to try and eat some food, particularly salty snacks such as crisps or nuts, to help boost your sodium levels back towards normal. Otherwise enjoy some naughty treats or your favourite meal – you’ve earned it!

If you are feeling unwell, can’t keep your food or drink down or need any advice then please do speak to one of our fantastic medical or safety teams during the event.

Blair Laird and Saferace would like to wish everyone taking part in this year’s event good luck!